Sunday, March 3, 2013

Just because an opinion is in print doesn't mean i have to accept it as if given to Moses on the mtn. "Even in the early German prints this tendency is already visible and as time went on their superior technique led them inevitably towards the use of the material as a purely reproductive medium. Their preoccupation with the peproduction is in direct relation to the use of cross-hatching.. There is no simple directness in this technique. It is a 'tour de force', requiring immense skill and as the effect, the varying density of shadow, could just as easily be obtained by simpler methods more in character to the means, IT IS ENTIRELY USELESS." J.B. WRIGHT P 173 later in the same book he gives an example of Durer (from the Apocalypse which he doesn't even give its title p 178) and a example from a Anonymous French artist LES LOUPS RAVISSANS p 179 Which he gives as a example of what wood cuts should be. the work is anonymous because it was more than likely made by an apprenctice in some local print shop clearly not the master work of even a minor artist.

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